Girls Night In

10 Aug

Since the birth of my daughter in March, it’s been impossible for me to leave the house. I have a princess daughter who refuses to take a bottle. I’m officially a prisoner until I decide to stop nursing. I’ve come to terms with this but refuse to leave my girlfriends behind. Luckily I have some amazing friends who join me for my “Girls Night In”.

My secret addiction is Reality Television. I love the new show “Bethenny Getting Married?” on Bravo. Here’s Bethenny’s take on Girls Night In….

Bethenny’s Guide To Skinnygirls’ Night In

With the economy the way it is, do you find more and more young women are looking to make a night of staying in, rather than blowing a load of cash on an expensive night out? I think the combination of personal finances and pop culture messages (i.e. Sex and the City) have made women embrace the “Girls’ Night In” (or out, for that matter).

Also, it seems that the increase in online dating and divorce is an indication of difficulties finding a man and maintaining relationships. Girls’ Night In is a very liberating, “girl power” ritual, but it needs to be fun, flirty and sexy.  Rather than wait for a man to buy you a drink, or spend your money and waste your time sitting at a bar, stay home and reconnect with the girls.

But Bethenny, you ask, how can a night in be even more fun and intimate among friends? We already always go out. Well, staying in means you can really let loose, actually hear what someone says, pay a little more attention to health and customize your cocktails to your friends.  You can choose the music, not fight a crowd and really get personal and catch up with your girlfriends. Also, nothing screams “desperado” like a gaggle of girls at a bar.  Men can smell it like blood in the water.

Come on, which makes more sense to you: blowing $20 each on a cocktail at an expensive restaurant or making a batch of drinks and snacks with your friends on the cheap? I would sooner have my cocktail party at home, and when I want to try a new restaurant or something interesting — like dim sum, Korean BBQ, Little Italy or a cooking class —  I’ll spend my money there.

The cliché is that Girls’ Nights In mean ladies wearing green facial masks and weeping about how no one loves them. In reality, however, Girls’ Night In can be nicely-dressed women and a little man-bashing, combined with fashion and beauty tips, a little spirituality, and getting down and dirty with cocktails and dancing. Women are taking charge of their lives and are in the driver’s seat (finally!) They’ve earned their night in and have every intention to make the most of it.

Now for some decorating tips to make your party even more terrific! First of all, lots of white candles from Ikea.  I would spend my money more on the food detail then décor. If I was serving sushi, I’d go to Chinatown to buy black lacquer platters and sake bottles for hot sake. I would garnish my pre-made pitchers of cocktails with floating fruit and rim my glasses with colored sugar. I would serve guacamole and chips in authentic dishes. Creative cocktail napkins and glassware make the mood more festive, and when I have time, I even create party favors for guests. Maybe a Skinnygirl martini shaker, glasses, and a bottle of Skinnygirl margaritas.

And while we’re at it, here are some things you should not do. I really don’t think it’s okay to ask people to bring items like a dish of food or a bottle of wine, unless it’s a Girls’ Night Potluck (and depending on how hard the times are, sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do). People will bring something, that is, unless they were raised by wolves.  Don’t give people a problem hidden within an invitation.  Also, don’t give your guests (who are taking a night off) a job, such as helping you with the dishes. They’ll offer, but save money somewhere else and spend fifty dollars on a cleaning service, or suck it up and clean after everyone’s gone home. If you’re entertaining properly and efficiently, clean-up won’t be a big deal at all, and if it is, well, small price to pay for being a fabulous hostess.

Girls’ Night In is one of my favorite ways to throw a party, and I think we all need it once in a while. Last time I had one, my friends and I talked about issues in our relationships, struggles with work, family stuff and general venting. This is very important. This is where you release everything so you don’t strangle or torture your partner. So make a night out of staying in. Your guests – and wallet – will thank you.



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