Carnival Party

18 Aug

My 3 kids happen to have Birthdays within 6 weeks of each other. If you include my Birthday, that’s 4 Birthday Parties in 2 months! A good friend of mine loves throwing combo parties with her 2 kids. They pick a theme and invite their own friends and share the party. I loved the concept. I’m thinking of starting a yearly tradition of a Annual Carnival Party. On the kids actual birthday we will have a small intimate party with Family. (I’m still in the works on convincing my boys this is a great idea). We are months away from the 1st Annual Carnival and I have already found some great finds. Here are a few…..

Invitation- Jayme Marie

Banner- Blue Moon Studios

Tutu- Just Samantha




One Response to “Carnival Party”

  1. sadie August 19, 2010 at 10:06 am #

    okay so funny because i had the same idea for asher’s birthday party! he really wanted a bouncehouse and i thought of doing a big carnival party but then decided to wait until he turns 5 before i go all out. but i was planning on doing a bouncehouse, renting a cotton candy and a popcorn machine, setting up a few booths for carnival games, etc. i have the catalog from Oriental Trading and they have lots of cute circus themed things that i was going to incorporate for the decorations. great minds think alike huh!

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