setting the table

20 Aug

I have to admit, I’m not a “proper” place setting type of a person. On any given night my table will be set with a plate, fork, napkin and glass. But for special occasions and dinner parties, I love to set a beautiful table. I thought I would share my “cheat sheet” with you.

The Table, basic place setting

Step 1- Put down a plate. Bread & Butter plate needs to be placed diagonally to the left of the plate setting with the butter knife resting on horizontally across the plate with the blade facing down and the handle closest to the center of the setting.

Step 2- To left of the plate, place forks in the order you will be using them with the first one farthest out. To the right, place the knife closest to the plate with the blade facing in. Next to the knife set the spoon. If you have dessert utensils place them horizontally across the top of the plate, spoon on top with the handle to the right and dessert fork below with the handle to the left.

Step 3- Arrange glasses on the upper right side of the setting at a diagonal angle. Working from the center out, place the water goblet first, red wine glass in the middle, and a white wine glass to the very right.

Step 4- Napkins can go either on the plate with a decorative napkin ring or to the left of the forks.

There you go. The Table is set!

Tip~ If you are hosting a dinner party try to set the table hours ahead of time. That way you won’t be scrambling to put together all the small components last-minute. If you serving a buffet arrange the dishes or platters and label each dish with a post-it on what you plan to put in them.




One Response to “setting the table”

  1. Arm Candy Confessions August 20, 2010 at 9:37 am #

    I ALWAYS have to pull out my Martha Stewart book. I love, love, love this! Thanks for sharing with the domestically challenged. xoxo

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