Halloween Series ~ The Invitation

12 Oct

Unfortunately I’m not throwing a Halloween party this year but I decided to create a Halloween Series on my blog so I can remember all the fun ideas for next year. Perhaps they might be a little inspiration for your Halloween party.

These invitations are AWESOME. I found these on Charisma’s Blog. She created X-Ray film invitations using transparency film for the skull and circled a crack in the skull that stated “death caused by blow to the head with a tire iron for not attending our halloween party”. Muahahaha (evil laugh). Behind the x-ray is a medical record form with details for the party. Here’s what is says:

Date Of Admittance: (Date of party)
Cause Of Death: Death caused by blow to head with a tire iron

Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability:
Please arrive by: 5pm | 8pm | 11pm (8pm circled)
Please come in your: lingerie | costume | birthday suit (costume circled)
Don’t forget to bring: libations | pumpkins | teddy bear (libations circled)

Name of hosts: (our names)
Party Address: (our address)
In case of emergency (or to RSVP), please notify: (my email and cell number)

I realize that by attending this party I am responsible for any
and all fun I will incur and/or drunkenness that may ensue.
I understand that I am to come in costume or I will be liable for
any consequences or ridicule that may occur.

This is by far the best Halloween party invitation I’ve ever seen!

Make sure to visit Charisma’s blog for her amazing photography and design work.




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