Party by Numbers

19 Oct

I have this fun “party by numbers” wheel from Real Simple. It turns to show how much to buy of ice, liquor, hors d’oeurvres you name it, it’s here. I thought I would share since not everyone has one of these handy dandy party wheels.

Let’s say you have a party of 12 coming up. Here’s what you need…..

Ice: 12 pounds total

Garnishes (lemons/limes): 3 each

Cheese: 6 pounds total

Hors D’Oeuvres: 48-72 pieces

Wine: 7-8 bottles total

Beer: 3 six packs

Liquor (Vodka, Gin & Rum): 2 bottles each

Optional Liquor (Bourbon, Blended Scotch, Whiskey): 1 bottle each

Juice & Soda (Cola, Ginger Ale, Cranberry & Orange Juice): 2 bottles each

Seltzer & Tonic: 3 bottles each

This is the middle of the road party. If you expect to have a larger group of guests or a smaller group just multiply or divide the numbers above.




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