The Boss

29 Oct

The Cake Boss. Are you a fan? My boys and I LOVE this show. We watched the entire first season a few months ago on Netflix and have been hooked ever since. When I was at the Women’s Conference earlier in the week I kept running into Buddy. I would be walking down the hall and out the door would come Buddy. I would shake his hand and tell him I’m such a fan. Then during his book signing I knew I wanted to have a memento for my boys from “The Boss”. Check out this great shot…..even Giada is in the back ground! Love it!!!!

This wasn’t my last run-in. While waiting outside the media tent for my speaker to finish her press run, out came Buddy! He walked over and I told him how much my boys enjoyed the book and that he had signed their names in it. He was so sweet and said he remembered running into me earlier, I swear I’m not stalking him. It’s just the Italiano’s stick out. 😉 Love him and I’m really enjoying his book. It’s a great story and some awesome recipes too!




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