DIY ~ Paper Fortune Cookies

5 Nov

Last year on my son’s birthday I hid all of his presents and had a scavenger hunt for him to find them. Each present had a clue attached and where to find the next present. He loves this and it’s a fun race around the house and yard looking for clues and gifts.

This year I thought I would use paper fortune cookies and have them hidden with clues inside. These paper fortune cookies are SO easy to put together. Here is my DIY tutorial…..


12×12 Decorative Paper, 1 sheet of white paper, Scissors, Double Sided Tape, CD, Pencil

Step 1: Use the CD as your stencil and trace around the outside with a pencil. Make sure to start at the corner of your paper so you can make 4 on one sheet.

Step 2: Cute the traced circle out.

Step 3: Gently crease the center of the circle in half. Make the crease about a 1/2 inch. Attach a small strip of double sided tape horizontally just below the crease.

Step 4: Take the paper and on the opposite side of the creased center gently hold the two circle sides together.

Step 5: Use your index finger to push in the 1/2 inch crease and squeeze the edges together.

Step 6: Cut out and write your Fortune.

Step 7: Stuff the Fortune into the paper cookie and pinch together until the double sided tape sticks.


Voila! Perfect for party favors, table place settings, and for my scavenger hunt this year. 🙂

Enjoy and Happy Friday!



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