Real Parties ~ Ugly Christmas Sweater Fiesta (part one)

13 Dec

We just wrapped up our 2nd annual ugly sweater party this last weekend. I want to share the decor details with you.

My dear friend whom I like to call my “sister” Arianna helped supply most of the fiesta decorations. She told me to come by and borrow whatever I needed. I had no idea how much fiesta party supplies this Senorita had. It was perfect! By the way…she just started a blog of her own, Ari Cortes. It’s one of my daily reads, make sure to check it out!

Fiesta de Navidad

Paper lanterns in the entry courtyard leading up to the Fiesta.

The self-serve Margarita station.

Chili Peppers hung by the chimney with care…..

What Christmas party would be complete without a ice shot luge?

The Living Room decor of the evening.

Stay posted for part 2, the Photo Booth. 😉




One Response to “Real Parties ~ Ugly Christmas Sweater Fiesta (part one)”

  1. aricortes December 14, 2010 at 1:48 pm #

    Your house looked great and the party was fantastic! You are the best hostess.

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