DIY ~ Handmade Christmas Ornaments

20 Dec

A friend of mine posted on Facebook pictures of her family making handmade Christmas ornaments. I loved the idea and decided to try it with my family. We seriously had so much fun and laughed so hard, we spent hours making the ornaments while talking about our favorite moments in 2010. It was great family bonding time without the television or video games, that’s success in my book! This will definitely be a new Christmas tradition in our house. It will be cute to see the evolution of the Christmas ornament as the kids grow up.

Here’s the link to the recipe for the Christmas ornaments: Green Living

We mixed and cut out the shapes with cookie cutters and we also made some of our own ornaments highlighting the fun moments of 2010.

The boys painted for hours. It became a race to see how many each of them could complete. Mia even came in for a quick debut and stamped her hand.

Tad, my husband made the Christmas tree on fire, not sure where he was going with that…..

Here are a few of our handmade ornaments. The boys made light sabers, Tad painted the cool pirate ornament, we have Mia’s little hand, surf boards, martini glass (for Modern Hostess), wine glass, soccer and baseballs, and also Christmas trees, stockings and candy canes.

Here is my tribute to Modern Hostess, my martini glass!  😉

Great memories.




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