Inspiration Board ~ Glow in the Dark Birthday Party

6 Jan
My friend’s daughter Tessa is busy planning her 10th Birthday Party. We sat together the other day and started brainstorming. She has some great ideas and I promised to create a Inspiration Board for her party. She has decided on a Black Light/Glow in the Dark party. Pretty cool for a 10-year-old!
~Glow in the Dark shoelaces, nail polish, crayons, and origami paper @ Amazon~
Here was a similar party idea I found on Kara’s Party Blog:
Some additional party ideas:
  • Give each guest a white or black t-shirt and decorate with highlighters.
  • Instead of neon everything use white because it will glow with a black light.
  • If you are making a huge bowl of punch throw a glow stick in the bottom..
  • Cover the table with black paper and buy neon highlighters to decorate with.
  • Decorate the table with glow in the dark stars & neon cups/utensils/plates
Happy 10th Birthday Tessa. Have fun!

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