Busy Bee

29 Jan

Some of you may know that I’m back at school finishing my degree after a 12 year hiatus. The problem that I have is I jump head first into everything I do. At first I thought, I will take one class this semester to see how it goes. By the time I started my classes 3 weeks ago I was signed up for 19 units! It’s been crazy but I’m loving it. So if you only see a blog posting here and there at least you know the reason behind the slacking. I’m still working on the new Modern Hostess website but am pushing my reveal date back until late spring. Stay posted. 😉

Moving on…..I have some postings this week that I’m currently working on. Lot’s of Star Wars party inspiration. 7 days to go until the big bash! I’m also trying to get organized for Amelia’s 1st Birthday. I have the invitations ready and will post those as a sneak peek this week.

Baby Bee Petti Tutu @ Nifty Swag

Thank for all the love. Have a great weekend.




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