Inspiration~ Space Shuttle Party

25 Feb

Mission accomplished for Life Frosting on hosting an Astronaut Training Party that is out of this world!

Just some of the highlights:

  • Invitation packets that came with “official uniforms”
  • The personalized goodie bags included a certificate for completing the Astronaut Training Program.
  • A hanging moon cake!
  • The brilliant use of iron ons to personalize shirts into “official uniforms”  as well as the gift bags.
  • Astronaut training activities included: Rocket Launch, Shuttle repair, Collecting Moon rocks, Tranquilize Aliens, Antigravity Balance, and Shuttle Orientation.
  • More details here

This party looks like it was a blast!



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  1. Space Shuttle Party over at Modern Hostess | ari cortes - February 25, 2011

    […] And we have lift off!!  My post this morning over at Modern Hostess is inspired by the last mission of Space Shuttle Discovery.  Head over there to check out details of this amazing Astronaut Training Party. […]

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