Modern Parties~ Fire Truck Birthday, part II

6 Apr

Last week I covered half of my son’s Fire Truck Birthday Party and here is the rest of the story.

Star sandwiches- meat and cheese on bread, simple.
Fruit Salad
Big Sandwiches- I bought bakery fresh french bread the morning of and put meat, cheese, and lettuce on the loaves.  With the following condiments on the side: mayonaise, mustard, chipotle mayonaise, pepperoncinis, and tomatoes.  The sandwiched went over really well and were cost effective.

Mmmmm..these adorable cupcakes by Clementine Cupcake Company are cute and delicious.  As usual, Sadie of Clementine Cupcake Co. did a great job with her cupcakes.  We served Red Velvet and Lemon Drop.

The liners and toppers used are by Meri Meri and were perfect for the party.

Party Favors
The party favors were fire truck crayons that I made (with the help of my husband).

The crayons were nestled in these fantastic hand stamped muslin favor bags by Jennifer’s Cookies and tied to a balloon for each child to take home.

Check out our facebook page for more photos form this party.  Here is a recap of all the source used for this fun Fire Truck Party:

Location: Paso Robles Children’s Museum

Invitations and Thank You’s: Inviting Printables

Water Bottle Label Design: Paper and Pigtails

Water Bottle Labels: Labels by the Sheet

Fire Truck Fabric: Glitzy Girlz Twinkle

Cupcakes: Clementine Cupcake Company

Liners: Meri Meri Fire Truck Cupcake Kit

Muslin Favor bags: Jennifer’s Cookies

Smiles, Arianna


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