Modern Parties ~ Sweet 16 party in 6 hours

11 Apr
Here is a post from our new contributor Chris. She threw together a sweet 16 party in 6 hours! Impressive. Check her out……
I had to work out-of-town and I planned to say at my parents house and have dinner the night before, as it would shorten my drive by a few hours the next morning. My parents were having a birthday dinner for their neighbor Deanna, who lived alone with her father. That week I learned it would be her 16th birthday dinner! And the night before I realized this little dinner for 6, would be her only birthday celebration. The next morning I called my mom around noon, to find out what decorations she had planned – one bouquet of flowers. Dinner was at 6pm and I had 2 hours of driving ahead of me, so 4 hours to plan and pack with a minimal budget. A quick look at Deanna (aka Ducky)’s facebook page, revealed she was a fan of lime green and turquoise and as a March baby I decided to go with a “spring” theme.
1. I used what I had – cloth napkins from Target, paper lanterns from World Market, green treat bags from Oriental Trading Company, and a stash of vases and cake plates
2. Flowers in season, Daffodils $10 for 6 bouquets at Whole Foods
3. Stationary store for a card, lime green cake plates and green ribbon for glassware
4. Gourmet Cookie favors by Dancing Deer Baking Co.
5. As a graphic designer by day, I quickly created personalized tags and printed them out on cardstock, attaching them to the treat bags.

Deanna loved it! She was “so happy” and really enjoyed her birthday celebration.

Cheers! Chris

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