Modern Parties ~ Ninja Birthday Party

12 Apr

The party circuit is over in my house, well at least for my kids this year. My Birthday is tomorrow and it’s a big one. 30! 😉

I’ve had several inquiries on where my Ninja post is so I thought I better get this one finished up. I recently hosted a Ninja Party for my little Brayden’s 5th Birthday. He’s obsessed with Ninja’s so this theme was perfect for his party.

Invitation: For invitations I used DIY Invitations and ordered the perfect Ninja invite for only $6! I customized it to my needs and printed on photo paper, cut to size and they were ready to go.

Food: Sushi, Teriyaki Chicken Skewers, Edamame, Star Sandwiches and Ninjabread Men. The Teriyaki Skewers were a hit, I used this recipe from The Food Network.

Cupcakes: The fabulous Clementine Cupcakes created Red Velvet to match our theme.

Decorations: I ordered 100 Origami Cranes from Made by Jo on Etsy. All the proceeds went to the relief effort in Japan. We strung them on string and let them hang from the ceiling as decoration. I love how they turned out. I also hung japanese lanterns from the ceiling. Name tags and drink labels were all created by my fellow Modern Hostess, Ari.

The kids were all asked to come in black and each of the kids were given a black ninja warrior mask to wear for the training session.

Games: We had the stealthy ‘Snow Ninja Warrior’ come to the party to train the young Ninja’s. He did a great job and showed the kids some great moves. We had a Ninja training session with obstacle courses and a Ninja Star throwing competition.

Goodie Bag: Ninja Warrior Stars, Ninja Warrior Men, Ninja Silly Bands & Chop Sticks.

All in all the party was a hit! I had one tired little Ninja Warrior at the end of the day.

Make sure to check the Modern Hostess Facebook page for exclusive pics of the party.



3 Responses to “Modern Parties ~ Ninja Birthday Party”

  1. jennifer April 14, 2011 at 1:06 pm #

    we are doing a ninja party for our son this weekend. he is turning nine and is obsessed with ninjas right now, too! :o) your son’s party was so precious! i was wondering what you put in the goodie bags? we are doing the party at a park and so the beautiful decorations you have can’t be put up where we will be at. we were going to hang chinese lanterns from the trees but there are no trees by the table we are using. and the ADORABLE water bottle labels and goodie bag ninja decoration thingies… how’d you do that? there are labels you can get that fit water bottles? where’d you get your cute design? HELP!
    my daughter and i are doing our own cute cupcakes with ninja faces on top and we today we made the CUTEST rice krispie treat “sushi” with gummi worms, swedish fish, peeps and fruit roll ups. they are soooooo cute!!! i’ve got those stored in my huge tupperware ready for saturday. we are going to do lo mein noodles with julienned veggies (the kids gobble them up when cut this way) some chicken, sesame oil and soy sauce as the savory item for the table. we planned on giving the kids chopsticks to eat them with.
    to keep it simple i am using plain black table cloth, cups (for the noodles) tableware and napkins. i got them at the dollar store so YAY for the savings!
    i would love any suggestions you may have:o) i feel so lucky too just happen upon your site when looking for cupcake ideas and just LOVE all of your party ideas! i love to do parties, too! i should tell you about the AMAZING dora party i did for my daughter when she turned four someday… but another post ;o) i have taken way too much of your time here. thanks so much for all of your information and ideas. i THOROUGHLY enjoyed stopping by. i am going to post pics on my facebook when the party is over and maybe you’ll stop by and take a look??? tee hee hee

    • Modern Hostess April 14, 2011 at 2:10 pm #

      I can’t wait to see your pictures! Have a great party this weekend. 🙂

  2. kathy h April 14, 2011 at 11:24 pm #

    So cute, thanks for sharing! On a completely different note.. may I ask what color of paint you have on your kitchen/ eat-in walls? I am trying to find something and this looks perfect. Thanks!!!

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