Husband Takes the Cake, part I

15 Apr

This is the first in a 2 part series about a friend of mine that builds the most amazing cakes.  I have a friend, John, that is a nuclear operator by day and a husband/dad by night that makes his family the most wonderful birthday cakes.    When I was discussing with him about his cakes he did comment that he generally doesn’t like to use fondant because he doesn’t like the taste of it.    Here are a few of his creations to share with you and more to come.  I think you will agree that this husband takes the cake.

Tractor Cake
This little cake was whipped up on a whim for his 5 year old son.  They had a surprise party planned for him the day after his birthday.  When John noticed his son mopping around on his birthday because it looked as if his birthday was overlooked he got to work.  This adorable little cake held his son over until his big birthday surprise the next day.

Stegosaurus Cake
Here is the cake that John created for his son’s surprise 5th birthday.  I love dinosaurs and this cake is nothing short of amazing.

Yellow Submarine Cake
Inspiration for John’s cake comes from his sons.  This year this son wanted a Yellow Submarine cake and that is what he got. This cake was complete with (swedish) fish and sharks, oh my!


There are more cakes where these come from!  Have a great weekend!

Smiles, Arianna


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